Enhancing Logistics with Seamless Transloading & Storage Solutions

Welcome to HTI Logistics, your premier destination for a comprehensive range of solutions for handling your logistics. As industry leaders, we take pride in our expertise in handling various types of metal, with a special focus on steel and aluminum. Our extensive steel handling offerings encompass a diverse range, including rolled products, sheets, plates, beams, bars, pipes, and more. In the realm of aluminum, we provide a wide array of options, from rolled products and bars to sows, slabs, ingots, and beyond. At HTI Logistics, we are committed to delivering top-notch quality and unmatched versatility in the world of supply chain within the metals industry. Explore our website to discover the breadth of our offerings and the excellence we bring to every logistics solution.

Your Force In Metal Handling

Based in Louisville, KY, HTI Logistics stands as a premier force in the metal handling industry, with additional facilities strategically located in Northwestern Indiana. Our expertise lies in the meticulous management of various metal commodities, facilitated by our cutting-edge equipment and technology. Our facilities boast 30-ton overhead cranes and top-notch material handling equipment, ensuring the utmost precision and efficiency in our operations.

The heart of our operations is our 100,000 square foot climate-controlled facility in Louisville, seamlessly serviced by both Norfolk Southern and CSX. This facility boasts a remarkable 36 rail car capacity, with indoor storage for ten, enabling us to offer indoor transload services. Our commitment to excellence extends to our East Chicago facility, occupying an expansive 200,000 square feet and situated adjacent to the Indiana Harbor Belt Rail yard, ensuring optimal connectivity for rail services.

Expansion & Progression

Through the strategic acquisition of Tri-Union Express, we have expanded our footprint with a
third 40,000 square foot climate-controlled warehouse in Griffith, IN. This addition further solidifies our commitment to providing top-tier warehousing solutions to our valued clients. At HTI Logistics, we blend state-of-the-art facilities, strategic locations, and a comprehensive range of services to meet and exceed the evolving needs of the metal industry.

Complementing our metal handling prowess, our sister company, Hill Transportation, specializes in delivering elite transportation services that redefine industry standards. With the capability to heavy haul loads weighing up to 85,000 lbs, our multi-axle conestoga and coil hauler trailers ensure the safe and efficient transportation of even the most substantial cargo. Our transportation fleet is equipped to cover a broad geographical range, extending from Southern Michigan to Northern Alabama. Clients can rely on Hill Transportation’s commitment to precision, safety, and timely delivery, making us the trusted choice for transporting heavy loads across the region. With a dedication to excellence, we seamlessly integrate metal handling and transportation services, offering a comprehensive solution to meet the diverse needs of our
valued clientele.